2019-20 Team Tryouts

Mintonette Sports is looking to train athletes who are hard-working, committed and focused! Mintonette thrives on making the sport fun as you're being introduced to the game of volleyball, while pushing you to be the best of the best by the time you graduate high school.

Mintonette Sports offers three divisions/levels of teams: 

  1. National
  2. American
  3. Regional

The "National" division teams will be the highest commitment level and are geared towards athletes who want to play volleyball at the top level and travel outside of Ohio. The "Regional" division teams are a lower commitment level and are a great fit for athletes who don't want to travel as much. 

To play on a team, you must attend fall tryouts. Check out the information below for more details and to register.

Questions? Email katie@mintonettesports.com

Tryout Dates:

Not sure which age group you fit into? Click here to find out!

10s & 11s: Friday, October 25th - COMPLETE
12s: Saturday, October 26th - COMPLETE
13s: Saturday, October 26th - COMPLETE
14s: Sunday, October 27th - COMPLETE
15s: Sunday, November 10th
  Check In:   1-2pm
  Tryouts:   2-4:30pm
  Team Selections:    4:30-5pm
  Q&A (optional):   5-5:30pm
16s: Sunday, November 10th
  Check In:   7-8am
  Tryouts:   8-10:30am
  Team Selections:    10:30-11am
  Q&A (optional):   11-11:30am
17s & 18s: Monday, November 11th
  Check In:   5-6pm
  Tryouts:   6-8:30pm
  Team Selections:    8:30-9pm
  Q&A (optional):   9-9:30pm